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The client services department for Triumphant College, plays a critical role in ensuring the success of the institution and its students. To fulfil responsibilities effectively, the team are making a commitment to the following:

  1. Providing exceptional customer service: client services team are the face of the college to the students, faculty, and stakeholders. The client service responsibility is to provide exceptional customer service at all times, whether it is answering inquiries, resolving issues, or providing guidance and support to students.
  2. Ensuring student success: our primary focus is on ensuring that students have a positive and successful experience at the college. This involves providing them with accurate and timely information, responding to their needs promptly, and facilitating access to academic and support services.
  3. Maintaining a high level of professionalism: client services team expected to maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. This includes dressing appropriately, communicating effectively, and demonstrating a positive attitude.
  4. Being knowledgeable about college policies and procedures: client services must be knowledgeable about the college's policies and procedures, including academic programs, course requirements, registration, and financial aid. This will enable us to provide accurate information to students and assist them in navigating the college's processes.           
  5. Continuously improving our skills and knowledge: To be effective in our role, we must continuously improve our skills and knowledge. This includes attending training sessions, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and seeking feedback from the team and colleagues.


Proactive and accountability

Mr. Elisa Katau

Senior Client Services Officer

The Students Support is Responsible for the efficient and effective day-to-day co-ordination of the staff and students, hence contributes to the service for campus staff and students. We ensures that effective communication is established and maintained with other college and local work teams and functions and that the College business practice requirements are able to be met. Overall, The Students Support revolve on students accountabilities, specifically funded or sponsored students by organisations, Example; Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF), Namibia Training Authourity (NTA), NamPower, Local Authorities, Disability Grant, NBC etc.

Sponsors available:


Triumphant College general entry requirements/ points Grade (11/12)


Bachelor’s Degree:

  • 25 points in five


  • Diplomas 22-24 points in five
  • TVET 20 points in six Grade 0(11/12)


Erf 482 Kornalyn Street Khomadal,

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Keneth Kaunda street, Ndama

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Erf No.3543 Mutanga Mushimani Street

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Mobile: +264 81 670 3905


BMR Properties Building

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